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BeniAgro: crop protection

At BENIPLAST – BENITEX we work to protect the environment and your crops. This is why we manufacture permeable agrotextiles: plain weave products that are manufactured using high-density polyethylene monofilament yarn, which has been stabilised against weathering.

As well as protecting crops against inclement weather (hail and wind), the products found in the BeniAgro range also control the climate and plant health.
The wide range of pore sizes and colours that we provide enables the solar radiation, temperature, humidity and evaporation conditions to be controlled; our customers are able to achieve ideal environmental conditions to ensure each crop grows as best as possible.

Likewise, it provides protection against insects and pests, and birds, thus preventing the damage they cause and reducing the cost of phytosanitary treatments.

If you need more information about crop protection, contact us. Our employees will process your request swiftly.