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PoliTex: waterproof agrotextiles

At BENIPLAST – BENITEX, we stand out for our manufacturing of waterproof agrotextiles of the utmost quality.

They are manufactured with a plain weave using high-density polyethylene raffia, which has been stabilised against weathering and covered with a sheet of low-density polyethylene, which has also been stabilised, thus waterproofing the textile.

Due to their special design, which lends them strength and durability, our waterproof textiles are well suited to protecting crops against the damaging effects of rain, i.e. fruit rotting or cracking. They are also well suited to considerably increasing the temperature and humidity level by creating a “greenhouse effect”, therefore obtaining early harvests.

Protect your crops against external agents by using the products our company provides. Visit us, we will be delighted to assist you. We are located in Benigànim, Valencia.