Anti-aphid netting

Anti-aphid netting

At BENIPLAST – BENITEX, we manufacture and sell agricultural netting to protect your crop, greenhouse, orchard or garden. Anti-aphid netting features among our specialities.

This type of netting is used to protect crops in greenhouses and provides the following benefits:

  • It protects the crops against aphids, whiteflies, plant lice, thrips and other insects that appear in crops, and that bringing with them pests and diseases that may cause significant damage to crops.
  • It reduces the use of insecticides and chemical products, pesticide and herbicide treatments, therefore achieving healthier and more profitable crops.

Aphids, greenflies, plant lice and other smell insects are harmful to crops, because they attack any garden produce, weakening the plant, preventing growth, with the knock-on effect of the leaves curling downward, causing the plant to become dehydrated; therefore, photosynthesis is reduced. They also cause fruit and buds to drop off and transmit toxic substances, transferring up to 117 types of phytopathogenic viruses.

Because of this, you must have anti-aphid netting protecting your crop. At our company BENIPLAST – BENITEX, we manufacture anti-aphid netting of different sizes. The netting is made with strong material and does not block water or air.

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